Free n Losh & Tyler Rix

There’s no doubt in anyone’s mind that Free n Losh have an affinity for the classics. Calling back on when they first dropped onto our radar, we were immediately enamored with how flawlessly they took tunes from yesteryear into this century. Using samples from legendary artists like Tony Bennett, The Mills Brothers, and The Beatles, these two Torontonians have continually defined their unique approach in paying tribute to legendary tunes, and today is no different.

Riding along the wave of their Hype Machine number 1 remix of Odesza’s “It’s Only”, the two are back, only this time they’re teamed up with London-based singer/songwriter and saxophonist Tyler Rix. Paying an artful homage to Ol’ Blue Eyes, this collaboration has dialed up a sultry cover and interpretation of “Witchcraft.” The smooth bassline and understated percussion provide the perfect caress for Rix’s smooth, crooning voice, ultimately taking us away from any worries we woke up with today. Taking things to an entirely different level is the addition of a saxophone, which continues to embody the “past vs present” theme we’ve come to know and love.

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