It’s no secret how we feel about mash-ups around here, but dammit, 3LAU just brings something so fresh to the table that we can’t help ourselves. Merely one year ago the now 21-year-old college student Justin AKA 3LAU started topping the Hypem charts with meticulously designed mashers like Dubsex (My personal favorite), and now we’ll have the distinct pleasure of diving into his mind with an interview at Global Dance Festival this weekend (Stay tuned).

His latest effort, Dance Floor Filth 2 is what you’d expect from a seasoned veteran. More than just mash-ups, each track is a synergistic medley of pieces of so many of your favorite songs that are effortlessly fused into a masterpiece. Peep a couple of my faves from the bunch below, and don’t forget to snag the whole EP HERE. If you find yourself in Morrison, CO this weekend be sure to catch 3LAU’s set as I can assure it will blow your mind.

’Guilty Pleasure (3LAU Bootleg)’
’Modern Talking (3LAU Bootleg)’
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