Beach House is an American duo from Baltimore, Maryland. Their self-titled debut, Beach House, was named the 16th best album of 2006 by Pitchfork Media. The group have released two albums: 2006’s “Beach House” and 2008’s “Devotion”. A third, “Teen Dream”, will be released in early 2010 and we received a small preview of their album with a track titled “Norway”.

Their music can be described as dream pop and “Norway” is a perfect example to showcase their style. Soothing sounds with relaxing melodies. Extended soft vocals to carry your mind to a higher, much lighter place.

MP3: Beach House – Norway

’Beach House – Norway.mp3′

And just in case you never heard of them before, here is a track from their second album Devotion

MP3: D.A.R.L.I.N.G.


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