When we think of Brazilian electro house duo Felguk, what instantly springs to mind are gritty synths and filthy, bass-induced drops. We don’t generally envision funky basslines, bright horns and cheesy vocals. And yet, with their latest release this is exactly what they bring to the table. And you know what? It works. Better than that, it sounds as if they have been producing this kind of music from the start. Featuring on the soundtrack of the 2012 edition of FIFA Street, this tune captures all the funkiness and fun party vibes that I would imagine in a Brazilian street festival or celebration. If I owned the game myself and had sunk as much time into it as I have purely listening to this track, I guarantee I would be a professional by now. If this is what Felguk are capable of creating in this lighter style of bouncy house music, then I sincerely hope this won’t be their last foray into the genre. My only gripe is that the fadeout ending seems like a really weak way of concluding this amazing tune, but at least it gives me ample warning to hit repeat before it finishes, over and over and over again.

’Felguk feat. Sirreal – Move It Right ‘
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