Usually when you see ID, it’s for the song, not the artist. This is not the case for the song “FKNU” by an unknown entity. We can’t confirm exactly who it is, but feel free to speculate to your hearts desire.

While you do that, you’re going to be singing the lyrics to “FKNU” while the beat plays over and over in your head. It’s got the catchy factor of a big pop hit, but also the vibes of a future track. There’s no doubting this would have made a killer Summer anthem, but that’s no issue as you can simply save it for the next one. We’re ready and waiting for the reveal on who this is, because “FKNU” is one dope record. Hate to say it myself, but it certainly sounds like the youngest Jonas brother. Would Alan Garner of The Hangover series approve of this venture if it is indeed him? We think so.

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