Just A Gent
Limelight (Louis Futon Remix) [Free Download]

Just A Gent is enough of a powerhouse on his own when it comes to his music, but when you add Louis Futon to the mix, something special is BOUND to happen. Surely enough, it did. Louis Futon takes “Limelight” into another stratosphere, pulling back the reigns on JAG’s blistering and wildly addicting “Lovestep” sound and crafts a slick remix with his smooth, hip-hop influenced futuristic sound.

Louis Futon is notorious for transforming on every release; reimagining everything from Mos Def to Kill Paris, while simultaneously bringing heat through his own originals. The build ups are deceptive on this newest remix, since the drops come in tough but crisp upon delivery and resolve nicely as the tune progresses. R O Z E S delicate vocals are preserved throughout, which is a key element and wrap everything up together into a nice present for the middle of your week.

Tour Dates:
16 Jan 2015 Zhivago – Adelaide
17 Jan 2015 El Topo – Sydney
18 Jan 2015 Sets on the Beach – Perth
23 Jan 2015 Alhambra – Brisbane
24 Jan 2015 The Factory – Sunshine Coast
25 Jan 2015 SECRET SHOW

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