Louis Futon
Sir Rock (Kasbo Remix)

If you’re anything like us, you’ve probably experienced a relaxed, laid back work schedule for the past two weeks. Maybe there were a few hours of work here and there, but for the most part, emails, phone calls, and meetings came to screeching halt. While this may make a lot of you hustlers nervous (as it does this one) it’s been a nice break from the daily grind.

While there is definitely a shortage of tunes out there at the moment, there have been some top notch ones to come out over the past few weeks. One of which comes from aspiring Swedish up-and-comer Kasbo. Following up on “Kaliedoscope” and “Reaching,” this youngster has flipped the script on a tune from one our favorites, Mr. Louis Futon.

In this future bass rendition of “Sir Rock,” we’re left feeling inspired, ready to look Monday straight in the face and say, “I’m going to own you.” The uplifting synths and playful bass pattern helps mold the vibe of a perfect “start of the week” tune. So, turn out your lights, head to bed, and open this page back up in the morning. We’ll be waiting for you.

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