You know those tracks that are just so good, you never want them to end, so you put them on replay? The ones that bring life to your ears? It’s thanks to those tracks that we started writing about music in the first place.

Now is probably a good time to put the spotlight on two stand-out artists, Giraffage and PACES. Both put their own spin on Tinashe’s heated tune, “All Hands On Deck,” creating two unique sounds, one just as highly addictive as the other.

Starting off with Giraffage’s, he takes a bit of an edgier, darker approach to his remix. The result is a combination of deep house and future that does away with the original’s hip-hop feel, and provides a brand new ambience that’s a bit more sophisticated.

PACES, on the other hand, puts a much more playful spin on the sultry original and transforms the not-so innocent track into one that radiates youthful innocence. The thick texture, comprised of glittery synths, heightened pitches, and feel-good vibes, makes it nearly impossible for this remix to lose your attention.

But whether you feel like getting down and dirty, or doing cartwheels on the beach, both of these remixes will undoubtedly fit your mood.

’Tinashe – All Hands On Deck (Giraffage remix)’
’Tinashe – All Hands On Deck (PACES Remix)’
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