Kidnap Kid

One of London’s hottest electronic exports right now Kidnap Kid continues to shine as perhaps the  most appealing producer of the Summer. Already a force in his native U.K.; singles “So Close”, “Animaux” and “Thin Lines” have begun to carve out a spot in the hearts and minds of American listeners. His latest effort “Survive”, out on Black Butter Records was dropped on the World this morning, following suit with a pattern of melodic vitality that has put him on so many music radars this year. “Survive” appears to be the more restrained B-Side to the aforementioned “Thin Lines”, and takes a slow burner approach with a more reluctant, but very grooveable tune this time around.  The track builds on itself throughout, fusing hollow drums, a subtle vocal loop and what seems to be Kidnap Kid’s signature synth kit. Have a listen for yourself, and be ready for more material from the young wunderkind this Summer season.

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