Glass Caves

Known for their relentless touring tactics, this super-charged UK rock act has been not only taking their own country by storm, but also garnering tremendous success with the blogosphere as well. The best part? Glass Caves have done that with just a few songs, one of which, we’re featuring today.

Coming off their debut album, “Go” is featured as the first song in the collection, and what a song to kick things off. Simply put, this is a three minute thrill ride which is carried by flawless and intricate guitar work, cymbal-heavy percussion, and encompassing chorus driven by the powerful, yet grainy vocals. It boasts instant nostalgia, which is saying a lot for a band getting ready to release their first album (10/27).

The music video for “Go” takes a classic approach, displaying the bands energetic persona as they shred through verses and choruses, instantly connecting the viewer to what the live show would be like. Luckily for some of our readers, you won’t have to wonder for long. Head over to their facebook page and see when you can catch these guys live.

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