Running Low Feat. Beth Ditto

To this very day, we simply cannot understand why drum and bass hasn’t made it’s way across the Atlantic. Paling in popularity to trap and dubstep, this long time dance genre has been around longer than some of the kids listening to it at festivals. While we can’t understand why more of us Yanks don’t take to it, we’ll keep pushing it until they do.

An easy bridge into the greatness that is drum and bass is none other than the legendary Netsky. This Antwerp-based DJ/Producer has been tossing up diamonds for quite some time now, even thrilling crowds at Coachella with a live instrumental interpretation of his classic tunes.

“Running Low” just dropped six days ago, and it’s already one of our favorites from this Belgium phenom. Featuring the booming soulful vocals from Beth Ditto, this tune has some solid Motown vibes intertwined with charging melodies, fast paced percussions and a electrifying bassline. It’s supercharged from head to toe, creating a drum and bass anthem that anyone can get behind.

This tune will be on Netsky’s upcoming album. Make sure to keep your eye open for it.

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