All these songs have been brought straight from my inbox! Been posting a lot of electronic and remixes lately (not that there’s ANYTHING wrong with that) but I needed a very chill Sunday morning and decided to just skip all the electronic and remixes on my inbox and simply make a post that was more instrumental.


William The Contractor explains “I´m the contractor that refuses to become what the society wants me to be. I prefer to see myself as a happy man, it really doesn´t have to be more complicated than that”. And this is exactly why I like him so much. Getting back to the basics and create music that comes from the heart. Paying tribute to his late father, William The Contractor acts as a turning point to say Goodbye to death and hello to life. A mellow folk song that while at times its life-reflecting lyrics can sound depressing, the tender and hopeful vocals through the choruses transforms the song into a much charming piece.

William The Contractor -Warehouseman



Objektiv One is a producer from Dallas, Texas that has recently released his long titled EP: Beer Pong Champion: White Boy Party Mash Ups that contain three pretty awesome mash-ups. One of which is an amazing clash of Notorious B.I.G. “Juicy” Vs. Coconut Records “West Coast”.

Objektiv One – Juicy MashUp



Releasing their third album called For New Beginnings the swedish band Friska Viljor have sent us a fantastic track titled “Wohlwill”. A marching pop beat

Friska Viljor Wohlwill


It wasn’t until I started brining my iPod to work that I discovered Ambient music. I laughed at the very description of the genre. “Ambient” for me sounded like another way to say elevator music… which in some cases this is true. But the more I listen to this genre while I was doing something that required some type of thinking, the more I began to appreciate its effect on me. Songs like “And I Smile” by Glide & Swerve work extremely well when needing to concentrate as its slow tempo calms down the body while its easy listen does not distract you from the task at hand. In many cases, ambient music can put you in a trance of focus that many other genres are not able to.

Glide & Swerve – And I Smile

’02 And I Smile.mp3′
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