The New Jersey brothers, Synchronice, are back at it this time with a crazy remix of Helicopter Showdown and MSD’s “Heaven Sent”. The thing Will and James bring to all their remixes is their own touch of sound. They start the song off as if you are floating around in heaven, some soft lyrics mixed with some relaxing melodies. Slowly the beat begins to quicken and you open your eyes to realize heaven looks a lot like a giant show, at 1:08 the devil comes to party and party he does well letting that bass drop. The boys keep the beat radiating before heading back to drift on the clouds of heaven and then at 2:49 devil round two. Oh Jersey dirtys this song is another notch off the old belt for you two. The thing with with Synchronice is, they just keep getting better. The drops keep getting louder, the bass keeps vibrating my eardrums more, and the way they can mix different moods into their songs keeps working to a T. Keep at it you two angels you.

’Helicopter Showdown & MSD
Heaven Sent (Synchronice Remix)’

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