Hillström & Billy
Keys In The Lake

The indie scene is alive and well in Stockholm, and the musical collective known as Hillström & Billy are living proof of it. Debuting today here on TMN, “Keys in the Lake” is a first glance at this outfit’s upcoming album. Already garnering some success from their previous four albums, we’re getting a fresh glance at these guys after an 18-month hiatus. While a break may often sound negative for a band, the reason for this hiatus is a positive one, simply needing some time to harness their craft.

The artistic growth in taking Hillström & Billy from a one-man band to a musical collective of fellow musicians in that hiatus is displayed in this glowing tune, which holds the ideals of unity, collaboration, and being held back.

Musically, “Keys in the Lake” boasts a truly dreamy and cinematic soundscape, carried on the back of rolling percussion work. Couple in some larger-than-life piano chords and wavering guitar riffs, and the rich, layered melody starts to form together, creating the perfect compliment to lead singer Petter Hillström’s inspiring vocals. It’s a tune that one can get easily lost in, which should be the perfect remedy for those middle of the week blues.

This song can be found on their upcoming album, which is expected to drop Spring 2015. Follow them on Facebook to keep tabs on when it does.

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