Danny Brown & Action Bronson
Bad News

When GTA V was re-released for next generation consoles earlier this month, it came packed with plenty of exclusive content to keep gamers keenly interested in the title. One of the more exciting inclusions we’ve witnessed so far is the slew of hip-hop that’s been leaking from the game’s updated soundtrack. Before we at เว็บแทงบอล go any further, we’d like to a take a moment thank the rap gods at Rockstar gaming for making this latest collaboration possible.

Action Bronson and Danny Brown are certainly two of the most eccentric characters on the hip-hop scene, but they make perfect partners on this pairing. Last night, when a redditor uploaded game footage featuring “Bad News,” it was anything but that, as fans instantly fell in love with the uncanny single. We now have an opportunity to listen to a high quality version of this bad boy, and it’s just as glorious as ever. While Danny and Bronson both have their own distinctive idiosyncrasies, each personality manages to shine through as they trade bars over a trippy, caustic instrumental provided by The Alchemist. Check out the track above, and stay tuned for any news about an official release.

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