Small rant:
I have to be honest here; I tend to be harsher on filtering through Hip/Hop submission for The Music Ninja in part because most of the underground hip/hop music I receive does not come across very genuine. Hip/Hop is not all about how fast you rap, how good you can spit rhymes or who is producing your music. Hip hop is more of a cultural movement of self expression than just a form of music. This is why it saddens me when I receive a hip/hop submission from upcoming artists who are more focused on trying to be the next Lil’ Wayne and ignore the fact that this medium is not about who you can pretend to be but how well you can explain who you are to others.

And this is where Thad Reid comes in. Besides being a talented upcoming hip/hop artist from Virginia, he is simply put, himself, and his genuine flow makes his music all that more worthwhile. He describes himself as “exhibiting the deep style of Common, the clarity of Ludacris, with the passion and knowledge of Krs-One”. However just as TravGlav from sees it, it is really the nice balance of soulful melodies and his own southern flavor that makes Thad Reid who he is”.

Thad Reid’s latest project “Paid Time Off” is a refreshing hip/hop EP showcasing his impressive flow and songwriting. Some of our favorite tracks were Payday as he capturing the GREAT feeling you get when you realize it is paday; The Reason: Thad’s confession for his love of hip/hop and Suffer Too a funkier track with an 80’s feel to it.

04. – Payday feat. Range

’04. – Payday feat. Range.mp3′

02. – The Reason

’02. – The Reason.mp3′

06. – Suffer Too

’06. – Suffer Too.mp3′

But enough talk about how much we enjoyed his album, we are going to let the man speak for himself. We sent a couple of questions to Thad Reid and he was nice enough to create a video response. Click here to watch interview

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