Young Fathers
Soon Come Soon

Young Fathers, who won the coveted Mercury Prize earlier this year for their album Dead, are likely one of the most unique hip-hop groups you’ll ever encounter. Mixing a whole lot of soul with electronic production, often catchy melodies and darker lyrical undertones, the Scottish trio manage to pack a whole lot into their music. Clearly not slowing down any time soon, the already accomplished trio returned last week with an infectious new single that perfectly captures what has gotten them this far.

“Soon Come Soon” is absolutely addicting from the first second with a tribal drum kit backing a pulsing, fuzzy electronic backdrop. Lyrically, the verses on this are abstract but seem to come back to themes of tyranny, power struggles and social injustices contrasting beautifully with the instrumental, as it is stripped-down and faded into ambience under the crooning harmonies of the chorus. This one’s definitely in our top recent releases–give it a spin above.

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