One of the hottest songs over the radio this summer has just gotten a tune up at the music store. J. Cole’s “Power Trip” is a sexy and seductive songs that has been playing for a few months now. But today, producer AC Slater and the very talented vocalist Anna Lunoe, teamed up to do their own version of the song, calling it “All Night”. This tantalizing cover captures the sex appeal that is in the original song while adding an electronic feel into the mix. Slater does a great job with the up and dancing beats while Lunoe’s sweet yet seductive voice carefully plays out the lyrics, not to mention they both co-produced this piece. This song comes along with the announcement of Lunoe’s North American tour this fall supporting none other than The Weeknd. One this is for sure, whatever song this Australian beauty lends her voice to will leave any listener wanting more.

’AC Slater & Anna Lunoe – “All Night” (Cover Of Power Trip By J. Cole)’
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Anna Lunoe