Grey Area

As a writer for a popular music publication, just a week’s worth of press e-mails can leave your inbox inundated with enough music to spend weeks listening to. Which is why we’ve held a special place on Fridays for those rare slices of carefully crafted dance music for which we’ve personally mined the web for without any outside influence. The latest project to stop us dead in our tracks is the musical synthesis of M/F Denver duo Grey Area who have bubbled out of the ether to bestow upon us some of the most proper house cuts we’ve heard thus far in 2016. Mostly functioning as solo artists, genre-eschewing tastemaker MOSIS (whom our Ninja faithful may have come across more than once) and Denver via Detroit house slayer  DESI (who’s received artist support from house heavyweights MK, Dantiez Saunderson and Anabel Englund), have brought their respective proper house games to another level as a pair.

After already pumping out their first EP on Heart of House, Grey Area’s latest record, “Burning”, dives deep into a pool of classic house influence, but executes it with a slickly polished contemporary edge that has us proper house heads swooning. Shuffled hi-hats, a craftily swung bassline and filtered vocal nuance coalesce straight into an addictively crafted melodic hook; and we’ve not been able to shake “Burning” from our collective psyche since first consumption. It’s Friday though, so we advise you to turn this one up and let Grey Area do the talking themselves. Enjoy “Burning” above.

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