I stumbled across the debut of EP from Jimmy Le Mac today, upon hearing a premiere of one of the tracks as recommended by a good (and musically alert friend). Le Mac, originally born in the UK and now living in Australia, creates house/bass tunes alongside running Loophole Records with FliP 3K. Upon checking out his SoundCloud profile, it’s clear to see he’s pretty undiscovered at the moment, with just a handful of remix bootlegs to check out. However, this week is his time to present himself on a bigger scale, as Micropope released his “Down 4 The Ride.”

Spanning three tracks in length, just one listen through the full collection gives you the idea that Le Mac is an artist with a lot to give. Working seamlessly through bass, house and even elements of techno, his production consistency stands out. The experimental, space-filled “I’m Down” is in contrast to the title track, which offers a classic House beat with plenty of melodic emphasis. “Do Your Thang” (as the title suggests), is a funk-filled offering, with repeated vocal hooks backing the charging rhythm.

This is an example of all tracks in one collection being as strong as each other – the technical level across “Down 4 The Ride” is seriously good. If you enjoy the tracks below, you can purchase a copy of the EP here. 

’Down 4 The Ride (Original Mix)’
’Do Your Thang (Original Mix)’
’I’m Down (Original Mix)’
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