The Magician
Sunlight feat. Years & Years (Blonde Remix)

As we continue trucking through the first few hours of TMN’s Blog-a-thon, it has became apparent that the best music seems to happen when our side of the world is busy sleeping away. With that being said, this friendly competition has allowed us to stay keen on the latest (literally) music that will soon make it’s way onto your newsfeed bright and early tomorrow morning. Just a few moments ago, one of our favorite artists, Blonde, just released their latest remix of The Magician’s “Sunlight featuring Years & Years”. Now, before you get your panties in a bunch, we need you to really prepare for one of the most mind-blowing remixes we’ve heard all week…maybe longer. Blonde never fails to take their productions to new heights, and “Sunlight” is just another remix to add to their resume. With its superb bassline and soaring vocal, these guys add some Vitamin D to the mix and makes us smile from ear to ear. All we really need to get through today is some Blonde (and maybe a beer), so get your dancing shoes out ninjas, it’s Friday and it’s time to get movin’.

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