Exciting times ahead for fans of beats and comics! ILLENIUM, the celebrated DJ and music producer acclaimed for his heartfelt tracks and mesmerizing live shows, is partnering with Z2 Comics for a thrilling venture, “ILLENIUM: Presents Starfall.” Set to drop on November 21, 2023, the novel will be available in standard, deluxe, and a limited super deluxe edition, offering readers a dive into a world where harmony clashes with brutality in a shadowy authoritarian setting.

The tale revolves around Nick, a man trapped in a harsh dystopian reality, serving cruel overseers and addicted to a powerful Substance. Everything shifts with the introduction of Ash, a mysterious character who brings a glimpse of a different universe, filled with stories of phoenixes and fire. To escape the dark world he’s part of, Nick sets out on a journey of self-discovery and unveiling, brought to life by the creative team of Frank Marraffino, Pablo Andrés, Luis Expósito Hernández, and cover artist Emilio Adrias.

Z2 Comics and ILLENIUM make a harmonious duo in this collaboration. ILLENIUM, a GRAMMY Award-nominated artist, is known for his emotive music and captivating performances. Steve Ettinger, Z2’s VP of Marketing, is buzzing about this project, seeing ILLENIUM as the perfect mate for exploring new narrative frontiers.

For ILLENIUM, bringing this graphic novel to life is a dream realized, giving fans a unique peek into his origin story. This project highlights Z2’s commitment to creating engaging narratives at the intersection of music and comics, marking a noteworthy exploration of these interconnected artistic domains.

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