Bianca Casady
Daisy Chain

You may have heard of the talented sister duo CocoRosie some time in the recent past. They’ve been making some pretty innovative stuff—characterized by experimental vocals, depth of lyrics, and feminine power. Today we bring you a release from half of the CocoRosie project, Bianca Casady. The Paris-based producer has released her track, “Daisy Chain,” and we’re pretty stoked about how different it is.

The best way we can describe this tune is beautifully morbid, and its morbidity lies equally in the instrumentation as it does the lyrics. Demonstrating her French influence, Casady opens “Daisy Chain” with Mr. Sad Accordion, which is our name for her accordion sample, not an actual person. We wish. She simultaneously brings in a sample of a piano, but it’s like one of those pianos you’d find in an abandoned house off the interstate that you really shouldn’t go in. She continues to play on these creepy versions of accordion, piano and eventually guitar in ways that perfectly compliment her death-ridden lyrics: “We’re all in line for the daisy chain… nothing but a chain gang pickin’ wild flowers by the roadside. No one in the boneyard bringing milk and honey to their loved ones.” We’ll leave the interpretation up to you. But the interpretation we will leave you with is that of the whole song—a creepy success.

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