Bee’s Knees
Rumored To Be Real (Feat. Marty Rod)

The burgeoning indie dance duo of Bee’s Knees have seen notable success previously with remixes of the now infamous “Blurred Lines” and Kill Paris‘ “Falling In Love Again,” and their newest offering is an original work that sets quite the tone for their first EP, Variety Pack. Channeling the likes of RAC, these two have fashioned themselves a pristine and clean cut style that seeps with summery vibes at every turn. Marty Rod flawlessly delivers the vocals to parallel the catchy and developed groove,  and, at the risk of being corny right here, the talent of these two is certainly more than “Rumored To Be Real.” It’s undeniable. They’ll be directly supporting Kill Paris on an upcoming tour this spring, so catch them if they head to your city!

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