Kevin Garrett

Who is Kevin Garrett exactly? While he is a fairly fresh face on the SoundCloud spectrum, his two songs that he’s posted suggest a much more developed presence. Matching minimal production and substantial lyrical content, Kevin follows up his debut single, “Coloring,” with yet another resounding number, “Control.”

Simplicity can easily be misconstrued as lazy or trite, and in some cases it certainly is, but Kevin’s transparency in his most recent piece lays a strong foundation for his own budding career and growth. “Control” pairs a production quality and approach reminiscent of James Blake with Kevin’s own message of personal emancipation from an unsavory past to construct a hazy, yet cathartic result. With this strong second single, Kevin Garrett is embarking on a firm path to receiving the recognition his talent suggests, and we’re eagerly awaiting whatever he’s going to cook up next. Be sure to support Kevin on “Control” with a purchase on iTunes.

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