Penguin Prison
Never Gets Old

The transformation of Chris Glover from full-time Bard College student/part-time bedroom producer to international tastemaker and one of pop music’s only boundary pushing producers left standing as Penguin Prison has been an entertaining arc to monitor over the years. With every passing release, his work plays more fluently, sonic elements coalesce wondrously; while every kick, clap, and hooky synth progression is carefully layed out to aid an entire movement. Not to mention, this scrawny, (sorry Chris) Anglo-Saxon looking Caucasian boy belts out every inch of Penguin Prison vocal work, and executes his incantations with the type of careful, delicate but robust grandeur that would make Al Green tip a smile. To say we’re fans of Penguin Prison’s work would be to put it lightly. After arising from a brief hiatus which was filled mostly with fun-first remix projects and covers with convivial single “Calling Out” in October of last year, “Never Gets Old” is our first taste of a sophomore LP entry, slated for a May 5 release on the illustrious Downtown records. Glover immediately kicks into gear with a rolling guitar riff dipped in just a touch of reverb, a live four-four drum line and a succinctly faint synth mirror, before his more fully realized vocals slide in to steal the show. This one is just a pure feelgood anthem for what will no doubt be the foreseeable future, so hop on “Never Gets Old” before well… you know, it might get old.

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