Three Days Drinking And as Many Lovers Too

Manchester-based indie rock band MONEY has become one of our favorites here at TMN. From the emotion they put into every composition to the romantically distorted lyrics, they deliver one song after the next. For them, though, it doesn’t ever seem to be about “delivering.” They’re more just one of those bands that make whatever they want to, and it happens to be …. money… every time. Wow. You may have just witnessed a live-blog epiphany.

Their newest single release came after some long awaited anticipation by TMN but we’re here to say that it was worth the wait. “Three Days Drinking and as Many Lovers Too” is a track that further solidifies the band as true melancholic talents. This almost 8-minute long epic sets the stage for a crescendo that never comes with faint vibrato strings, dry acoustic guitar and falsetto vocals from Jamie Lee who’s considered to be the driving force of the project. This ballad stays true and gets deeper rather than louder, remains consistent in its stringed components throughout its duration, and gives the listener theatrical vocals that will have you feeling just as heart-wrenchingly, pensively low as the group suggests.

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