Death In The Afternoon
We Don't Have To Go Out Tonight

Death in the Afternoon, who are earnestly named after an Ernest Hemingway novel, is a Swedish joint collaboration dabbling in the highly addictive combination of 80’s washed synth-pop, indie and shoegaze. Already displaying a tasteful pop maturity beyond what their modest 7 track catalog would suggest, we got our hands on DITA’s latest single “We Don’t Have To Go Out Tonight” before anyone else and it weaves wonderfully within their stylish sonic design. Much like its predecessors, the third single off of their impending self-titled LP, which is due out October 30th on Summer Heart’s Sommarhjärta label, remains airy, dreamy, craftily arranged, filled with stunning vocal play form the pair and all the while sporting enough hooky melody to have us swooning for the rest of the week. Furthering everything along, “We Don’t Have To Go Out Tonight”‘s layers of interloping male and female vocals compliment each other superbly by creating a soft yet powerful veil over the complete composition. Just beautiful stuff, really.

Clearly, the duo simply known as Christian & Linda have synced their artistic measures perfectly and landed as one of our favorite burgeoning indies to emerge on our radar this year. Stream Death In The Afternoon’s latest single “We Don’t Have To Go Out Tonight” above in the form of a shiny new ‘TMN Premiere’, and be on the lookout for the pair’s debut LP soon.

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