Often times we come across an artist or a band that completely change our standards and taste in music. Whenever this happens, we can’t help but experience a shift in direction as we continue along this linear path to a more refined music library selection. Earlier this week we stumbled across a debut artist, MONARCH, who consist of Brent Kutzle and Brian Willet from OneRepublic, A Fine Frenzy’s, Joel Plotnik, and vocal frontrunner, Brennan Strawn. This side project is full of extreme talent and an immense amount of potential. Today we are sharing their first single, “Stay”, which is apart of their upcoming 4-single EP, Apollo, which is set to release sometime this Spring.
“Stay” stunningly portrays a moving story that emulates that of something we would see in a contemporary dance routine. As the song progresses from a minimal baseline and crecendos into an indie-pop ballad full of mesmerizing synths, soothing vocals, and a powerful percussion, MONARCH gives us a subtle taste of vintage and modern elements that warm our hearts and coax our souls. This marks the start for a glorious new path for these guys and we can’t wait to see what they have in store for us this coming year.
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