The Score Official
Catching Fire

Every once in a while, an act comes around that embodies the Americana-rich daydreams we often fixate on while focusing on the warmer months. You know the ones – you’re camping with friends, cooking s’mores, drinking whiskey, and listening to music blaring out of your friend’s car. While that friend’s car battery will surely die, those memories will live on in infamy, and The Score writes songs that are the perfect soundtrack for those memories.

Following their monster hit, “Oh My Love,” is no easy task. This tune amassed over two million plays on soundcloud and YouTube and can also be heard in Starbucks nationwide this month. However, “Catching Fire” doesn’t disappoint, instead adding to the general allure that’s radiating off of these guy’s catchy-as-hell vibes.

As we saw before, the LA-based duo has a knack for anthemic pop, artfully crafting easily memorable hooks paired with booming percussion and light, accentuating guitar work. It beckons on associations of other quickly-rising indie pop stars, reminding us of Young Rising Sons, The Griswolds, and CRUISR. All in all, it’s one of those tunes that you just can’t shake, not that you would ever want to.

Be on the lookout for more from these two. You’ll surely be hearing more of them in 2015.

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