Turning (Original Mix)

One cat who’s highly underestimated is Jace Mek. This 17 year old kid from Los Angeles is no joke. His production talents are top notch for someone his age, and his creative songs come out of left field with a bang. Take his newest original “Turning,” that we ninjas have the opportunity to premiere. Breaks with a twist is what you get with this free download. It’s a pretty simplistic tune, but there’s an undeniable dope factor that just makes you wanna get down to it. This tune may catch a lot of people off guard, and you’ll only really understand why after giving it a listen. For fans of jungle, this is going to be up your alley. For any parties going on this weekend, you’ll surely want to bring this with you to help get things poppin’. Stay tuned for more from Jace Mek, as he always has more up his sleeve.

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