I’ve written about Jessie Ware a lot here on The Music Ninja. Go ahead and search and you’ll see my name attached to many of her posts. By now you’d think I would have gotten over the hype, or, at the very least, calmed the hell down about it. But no. I still have her debut album Devotion on repeat, and now her new If You’re Never Gonna Move EP will join that endless rotation.

While the new EP has a few cuts that we’ve heard before, it also includes her beautiful cover of “What You Won’t Do For Love” and this absolutely stunning remix of the title track. Done by London producer Two Inch Punch, it dazzles here and there, but is mostly a stripped down rework that seems to really look into the soul of the original. The sparse, bare moments are complemented, even highlighted, by the more electronic touches enabling the song to reach a truly exquisite & moving balance.

’Jessie Ware – If Youre Never Gonna Move. (T.I.P RMX) *USA RELEASE’

Be sure to catch Jessie Ware on Jimmy Fallon tonight. Yep, it’s happening.

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