Everything Is a Drug

One thing that a lot of people need to realize, is anything can be a drug. Whether it’s the gym, cheeseburgers, music, books or what have you, these things can have a profound effect on people. One person who – we would guess – agrees with that is JNTHN STEIN, whose single “Everything Is A Drug” is here today in the dojo.

The thoughtful, intriguing talent met up with us ninjas yet again after our enlightening interview with him to give you a first listen to his new song. “Everything Is A Drug” is a magical record that exemplifies a true mastery of music. JNTHN respects the creative process and that’s something you can hear in this cool record. It starts out quite chill but as things progress the production gets a bit more playful and energetic. It’s just a great song and we’re honored to have the pleasure of giving you the first listen to it today!

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