Every so often, it’s important to take a step away from the daily minutia. All of the texts, emails, IMs, phone calls, skype calls, facetimes, facebook updates, and tweets consistently wear on your patience, slowly pulling you further and further away from reality. When that point hits, look to something pure, clean and entrancing. Look to something you can get lost in. For us, we’ve always strayed towards minimal, downtempo electronic music.

Brooklyn electronic duo Kodacrome have just added to the aforementioned sanctuary with their release of a collection of B-sides and a remix that follows the heels of their LP, Aftermaths (released back in July of last year).

Encased in this four-track pack is plenty of audibly aesthetic soundscapes, artfully brought to life with well-placed negative space, calming synthesized beats, and lead singer Elissa LeCoque’s haunting vocals. “Strike the Gold,” which can also be found on their album, is given a live studio treatment, and it glows with radiant simplicity. Set to a repeating melody, this peaceful journey is a welcoming start to this collection.

“Flash Flood” along with “Cheerdown” are both previously unreleased tracks, written and recorded with the original intent of being a part of the LP. The two tracks seem to be at opposite ends of each other musically. “Flash Flood” boasts a ominous vibe, carried heavily by a heavily distorted bassline. It’s dark and winding, reminding us of something we’d hear in a Tim Burton movie. “Cheerdown” has a slightly more upbeat shimmer to it, featuring some brooding, cabaret style vocals, and a glowing synth progression.

Rounding everything out is an interpretation of their ballad “The City is Burning,” which sparkles with luscious textures crafted by fellow Brooklyn resident KaeoFLUX.

You can pick this up for free on the band’s bandcamp until January 31st. And if you’re in the area, make sure to head out to Brooklyn on January 24th at Cameo Gallery. These two will be playing My Body for their EP release show.

’Strike The Gold (Live Studio Version)’
’Flash Flood’
’The City Is Burning (KaeoFLUX Remix)’
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