KRONO feat. VanJess
Redlight (Pretty Pink Remix)

After her stunning remix of U2’s, “Ordinary Love”, Pretty Pink proved to us all that there are artists in this world who still know how to make awe-inspiring dance music without losing their integrity along the way. We here at TMN fell in love with Pretty Pink a few weeks ago and realized that we like how her music makes us feel and we really don’t see this relationship we have with her ending anytime soon.

Earlier this week, Pretty Pink unleashed one of her most impressive remixes to date. The German goddess took on KRONO’s melodic masterpiece, “Redlight”, which features the soulful and blissful vocals of VanJess. If you’ve heard the original “Redlight”, then you remember the chillness factor that we experienced at the time of its release. Pretty Pink decided to add her deep house touch and brought some heat back into this chilly track. Without straying too far away from the soulfulness of the original, Pretty Pink turned this ambient song into a funky deep house anthem with a bitchin’ bassline that’ll have grandma in a roaring frenzy to break in her new orthopedic dancing shoes.

With that said, we highly recommend that you keep your local fire department on speed dial because this one emits a burst of heat strong enough to set every fire alarm off in town. Well, maybe not that serious, but grandma might get lost in these groovy vibes and have herself a tumble.

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