Live music is taking over the electronic world. One of the best labels pushing this crossover is Boogie Angst. One of their upcoming projects comes from L’ENFANT, whose EP fear of… is an absolutely stunning sonic experience. We can’t give you the full EP, but we can give you a first listen to the single “Change” as well as some insight into the project.

After listening through L’ENFANT’s EP, we decided to have a virtual chat with the brothers in the dojo. They dive into their EP, which is due out in a few weeks, as well as their live show, which is integral to their project as a whole. While reading through, enjoy the premiere of “Change.” The groovy, chill single will quickly have you on the edge of your seat and waiting for the full EP to drop. Don’t worry, it will be hear soon enough!

TMN: November sees you make with your debut EP for Boogie Angst. Talk us through the concept behind the EP and why you chose to return to the label for this one.

L: As we did before, we worked together with Studio Met/Zonder to create a concept that covers the music in combination with the artwork, titles etc. As we musically moved into another direction than we used to, we created a concept with Met/Zonder which fits our new sound and makes the EP one whole thing.

The title of this 7 track EP is: ’fear of…’ and is about daily fears every grown up has. Each track represents a single fear, and it all comes together with EP title and track title: Fear of change etc. These 7 different ‘fears’ each get it’s own artwork and video that will appear on social media, Youtube/Vimeo and live during our shows.

We gladly return to Boogie Angst with this EP! Besides of the other nice music they release, they provide great services such as studio time in Kraak & Smaak’s headquarters and lots of support for which we are very thankful!

TMN: Change marks the first single from the EP. What can you tell us about the inspiration behind the track and why you chose to lead with it?

L: After we finished working on our ‘Sit Back/Sell Your Soul’ EP, that got released early 2016 through Boogie Angst, we decided to approach this EP other than we did before. Since we both got completely different backgrounds, we decided to use that as a base.

Thomas graduated cum laude at the Conservatory as a jazz guitarist in 2015, and has been writing (mostly) jazz compositions before he started producing electronic music. Oscar is producing for several years now, and has been focusing on sound design in electronic music.

This combination is easily recognised in the ‘new’ sound, and Change marks the first track we made with this sound, and strongly influenced the rest of the EP. In addition to this new approach, we also started recording vocals with Suzanne Kipping, whom appears on 2 tracks.

TMN: As well as your studio output the project also involves a full seven piece live band. How was the live element of the project developed and do you feel the ‘live’ element is one that is missing elsewhere in music right now?

We started working on the live band around 2 years ago. Because the music then was more funk based, we had a completely different setup than we have nowadays. We kept shaping the live set for 2 years, and we’re really happy with it’s current state. Lately Suzanne Kipping (who also appears on Change) joined our live band, and now it consists of Guitar, Bass, Drums, 2x Vocals, Percussion and Synths / Effects.

The ‘live’ element is a really important thing to us, and sure is a thing that we miss a lot right now. Although more and more artists are making a move into creating a live set, which is great. For us, creating a live performance is as important as creating the music itself.
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