Lincoln Jesser
Wicked Son

As the weather gradually continues to warm, we find ourselves constantly seeking songs with groovy, danceable beats, light and playful synths, and an overall summery vibe. While Lincoln Jesser’s new track has some deeper emotions tied to the lyrics, we couldn’t help but dance our way all the way through.

Coming out of La-La Land, Lincoln once again displays his prowess for writing synth-heavy pop tunes that focus both on an engaging melody, and his casual, unassuming vocals. Every time he releases something, we seemingly can’t help but be drawn to it, smiling and dancing our way around TMN HQ.

We tracked Lincoln down for a quick quote on the meaning behind the family-driven lyrics. Here’s what he had to say:

It’s about the idea of being a “good” vs “bad person”…how most everyone is struggling to stay on the right side of that line, but it takes lapses to grow and evolve. It was inspired by the biblical story about the 4 sons actually: wise, wicked, simple, and silent.

As with a lot of his work, “Wicked Son” will be available for free download on his Soundcloud. Head over and pick up a copy for the weekend!

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