When any big artist makes their way into any town the fans always want to know, who is going to open for them? Ask any artist and they will tell you, they want artists who can pump the crowd up and keep the crowd going, artists who aren’t afraid to get a little crazy on stage and take the music to the next level. Well la-de-dah that was exactly the kind of acts that opened for Caspa. Sinden threw down body jumping beats laced with unreal rhythms. Nadastorm delivered a storm that the crowd could not stop jumping too. And Flosstradamus, besides their insane strobe light show, showed just how much their music should never be “Banned”.

Have you ever been to a show where your clothes dance by themselves? When you hold your body still but your clothes take on a mind of their own and move and flow along with the deep bass that is pounding so heavy through each and every inch of the floor you are standing on? That is exactly what happened the other weekend at the Fillmore when UK’s own Caspa took to the stage. He brought what any good artist brings, the love he has for the heavy bass. But what makes Caspa stand apart is his ability to not only create insane drops but to make the bass arise from the music so that it engulfs everyone who is listening. All of a sudden there it was the deep pulsating resonance that worked from the toes all the way up to every hair on each fan’s head. Caspa continues to do insane things for the Dubstep world, from starting his own record label to dropping off-the-wall remixes of artists such as Deadmau5, Miike Snow and Swedish House Mafia. As the lyrics say, “B*****s love Caspa”. Now if only my clothes would stop dancing.

’Caspa – Check Your Self!’
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