While everyone who has ever listened to an Outkast record eagerly anticipates some new material from 3 Stacks and Big Boi, we are forced to scrounge through music blogs for anything with a “ft. Andre 3000” appended. In my search, I was able to dig this treasure up. A mashup of The Weeknd assisted track The Ride, off of Drake’s Take Care, and Andre’s legendary verse from International Player’s Anthem. This works seamlessly and makes quite the compelling case for an authentic collaboration between these two enormous talents. Craftily mixed by an artist with a suspiciously similar name to the OF lead man, this mashup should certainly help hold music fans over until we get some more new music from the ATLien. No need to thank me because as Dre would say, “you know I got your back like chiroprac.”

’The Ride Remix (Andre 3000 x The Weeknd).mp3′
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