Felix Jaehn
Shine (feat. Freddy Verano & Linying)

Well, ninjas, it’s that time of day where the happy hour specials could not be even more enticing. Since Friday is starting to creep up on us, we wanted to give you something extra groovy to vibe out to while you crack open a cold one and prepare for your weekend festivities.

German melodic house producer, Felix Jaehn, is our go-to music selection to start your Thursday night off just right. After a successful outcome from his OMI remix of “Cheerleader”, the house producer has made it harder for us to resist the lustrous temptation surrounding us. Now that we have gotten a taste of pure sensual bliss, Felix turned around and injected us all with a heavy dose of tropical pan flute feels with his new original track, “Shine” featuring Freddy Verano and Linying. The progressive flow of this track takes us on an intimate journey full of lust, desire, and attraction. This luring sensation exudes enough passion and heat to make the tension build up inside.

If this doesn’t get you in the mood, then we highly suggest you listen to this on repeat until the clothes just melt right off of your body. Don’t worry, we’ve already given into temptation at this point, so you’re allowed to as well. “Shine” is only up for a free download this week, so make sure to get your copy today so you don’t kick yourself tomorrow.

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