Syn Cole
Bright Lights (Sam Feldt Remix)[FREE DOWNLOAD]

Don’t you just love waking up on a Monday only to realize you don’t have to go to work or school? Well, unfortunately not everyone gets today off but don’t worry ninjas, we have the perfect tune from TMN all-star, Sam Feldt, to lift those dampened spirits. The Amsterdam sensation just put out a stunning new remix of Syn Cole’s “Bright Lights” and sent a wave of emotion over our newsfeed. For 6 minutes, we were simply paralyzed by the dream-like synth melodies, the soft percussion, and the brilliant vocal integration from Syn Cole to which we haven’t been able to escape the strong inclincation to keep this on repeat for the remainder of the day. So if you’re like us and just kicking back on todays holiday, then you’ll definitely be floating in the clouds with this one. Make sure to grab it while it’s hot and still free!

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