The Last Day (TYR Remix)

While most of the population of Boulder is probably still recovering from an epic night out at Decadence, or any one of the other NYE parties, TYR is up and at it, providing the fuzzy-headed, uneasy-stomached music lovers with something to help ease the pain.

Taking his crack at Moby and Skylar Grey’s dreary yet dreamy tune, this up-and-coming Colorado producer has given new life to “The Last Day.” Elements of Skylar Grey’s vocals are perfectly sampled and placed meticulously with a danceable beat, some tropical synths, and a buzzing bassline. While still retaining it’s ethereal vibes, this interpretation definitely takes on a more upbeat attitude, providing listeners with something that glows with originality.

As with all good remixes, TYR has payed homage to the original, yet dialed it up with a new look and feel with ease. Its chill, calming vibes should cure what ails you today. That and maybe some greasy food and a lot of water.

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