Cyberpunkers, the electronic duo from Italy, have always been at the forefront of new sounds. Experimenting with everything from Nu Disco to electro house and all in between. With the release of their EPIC EP, they demonstrate complete mastery in the now growing and evolving genre of Moombahton. They call it Moombahpunk slowed down to 110 BPM and incorporating juicy and gritty synthesized melodies. It feels heavier than most moombahton tracks and still provides a lot of groove between funky basslines and creative drumlines.

Epic EP was released on Feb 3rd on German Freakz me Out with 3 tracks that sound entirely different. ‘Are you ready’ is a high energy aggressive roller coaster that with high build ups and satisfying drops. Dungeon is a much toned down ride that provides a much intricate note progression throughout the songs, paired with colorful drum loops. And Lastly the self titled track Epic, with attitude filled vocal samples and a straight forward electro feel.

You can purchase Epic EP on iTunes Today

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