indie-dojo-music-ninjaThere comes a point in most peoples lives where extreme responsibility becomes our only reality. We lose track of what makes our soul smile as we are drowned by the million “adult” things we have to do in one day and before we know it….we are old. There is the saying that time flies when you are having fun, but time also flies when you don’t take that moment to breath. Think about it. How many times a month do we say…”I cant believe its “insert month here” already.” A lot….So, if you need a little assistance breaking free from your daily madness, use the Indie Dojo as an excuse to escape.  It’s provides a good 30 to 45 minutes of fresh music to soundtrack the moments we should enjoy cause sometimes, zoning into our own little world is all we really need…

’Holy Holy – Impossible Like You’
’Alcoholic Faith Mission – Running With Insanity’
’Moody and The Mellow – The Fly On The Window’
’RY X – Berlin’
’Antum Opic – Bad Company’
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