You’re sitting at a stop light, stuck in traffic, zoning off on your ride home from a long day and for a split second the universe you find yourself in is completely in sync. The blinker is your metronome, the girl running down the street pounds the pavement with every kick drum, the windshield wipers sway with every guitar strum. The moment is short, however, and as quickly as it all fell into place, the moving pieces break into a off beat distraction. But for that minuscule speck in time, the connection to the part you play in the scheme of your entire lifetime actually makes sense. A tick of consciousnesses that makes everything seem simple, even if for a brief, yet highly enjoyable, millisecond that just happened to break through all the other hours of your day.

Download ZIP: Indie Dojo July Round #4 [Mediafire]

Dads – Life, Oh Life
Towers – Bear
Midtown Dickens – Walk, Don’t You Run
Miner – Hey Love
Dan Leno – The World I Heard You Wait
Deep Time – Clouds
Ocean Party – In A Knot
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