Have you ever been so tired of your music library you end up driving around in total silence, working out in the gym with the shitty music playing over the sound system, or even taking a shower with the serenade of your own crappy voice? It sucks, doesn’t it? The radio is too annoying, your favorite albums are finally too played out and it feels as if the music world that used to light your fire has finally gone to die. Well, have no fear, cuz the Indie Dojo is here…(How many times do you think that cheesy saying has been written over the 2+ years of this playlist?) But seriously, our main purpose in life is to provide you with something that just might spark your interest. And if not this week, maybe next. We will keep trying…and trying….and trying.

’Sanders Bohike – Ghost Boy’
’Cloud Control – Dojo Rising’
’Enerate – Unstoppable’
’Indiana – Bound’
’Rayland Baxter – The Woman For Me DEMO’
’Royal Forest – You’re A Big Girl Now’
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