Plans. We all make them. Yet most of the time our lives never really follow through with the ones we had.  Being the dramatic creatures we are, the moment a plan decides to cancel, it almost feels as if the world has crumbled into a million pieces. But if we were to fast forward to a year from that cancellation, we will probably be in a better spot then what we imagined. All because things decided to take a ride down a different path. In shorter words, live your life day by day ’cause “life is what happens when you’re busy making other plans”. And if you are the type that absolutely needs to plan out every step of the way, we have one easy solution. Once a week, every Tuesday, plan on a new playlist being right here in this very spot (posting times may vary). We plan to make it a little easier for you to float through these unexpected and unpredictable ventures we call life…

Download Zip: Indie Dojo June Round #1 [Mediafire]

The Trouble With Templeton – Someday Soon
Eliza and the Bear - Brothers Boat
David McCraffey – Stars
Eastbound Jesus – Without You
The Cellar Door – Ground
Kelli Scarr – Dangling Teeth
Kalispell – Lucky A Hundred Times
German Error Message – Reaching Out
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