When trying to think of a prelude for this week’s edition of the Chill Dojo, emotion was the key word that stuck in mind. Emotion is everything in music, from laid-back slices of serenity to powerful trance-inducing melodies and vocals. For this playlist we’ll have you riding both ends of the spectrum and everything in between, so sit back and enjoy.

We kick things off on a bright and joyful note with this charming feel-good rework of the popular Bondax tune courtesy of UK beatmakers Snakehips. It’s such a fun, smooth jam that will light up even the gloomiest day with positive feelings all round. We next move on to dubstep veteran Jakwob to abruptly thrust you onto the opposite end of  the scale now. His forthcoming release, ‘Fade’, incorporates masterful drumwork, gorgeous vocals and beautiful piano melodies to gently tug at the heartstrings in what results as an absolutely stellar production. Melbourne girl Chela is another name that springs to mind when it comes to stunning chill vocals, and she lends this incredible talent to Viceroy’s latest tropical smash, ‘Dream of Bombay’. Now stop…it’s smooth beats time, and who better to bring this week’s dose of funk than names like Vanilla, FloFilz, Majestry, and siik. And if you thought the groove stopped there, Norwegian producer Cashmere Cat is there to pick it back up with a pair of creative bodyshakers. There’s also some more JT love this week coming from Chrome Wolves, and some new stuff from familiar names in Goldroom and Lane 8. We often like to end each week’s playlist with a bit of a treat, and that’s exactly what we have in store again with the title track off Sizzlebird’s new album, One World. Now whether you’ve been following the Chill Dojo for a while or just recently hopped on board, you’ll know this is a pretty big deal and that it’s pretty much a definite no-brainer to go and buy this album now. Listen to the full stream here if you need any further convincing.

And so that ends the long and eventful journey on the emotional rollercoaster for this week. Make sure to grab your freebie showbag on the way out. Peace out.

Chill Dojo #22 zip

’Bondax – Gold (Snakehips Bootleg)’
’Jakwob – Fade (Featuring Maiday)’
’Viceroy – Dream Of Bombay (feat Chela)’
’W.N.G.E. (Majestry Remix)’
’Aaliyah – Rock The Boat (siik remix)’
’BenZel – Fallin Love (Cashmere Cat Remix)’
’Feadz & Kito – Wettex (Cashmere Cat Remix)’
’Justin Timberlake – My Love (Chrome Wolves Bootleg)’
’Active Child – Hanging On (Chrome Wolves Bootleg) **FREE DL**’
’Charli XCX – You (Ha Ha Ha) (Goldroom Remix)’
’Lane 8 – Every Night’
’Above & Beyond – Thing Called Love (Faraway Skies Chillout Remix) *Free Download in Description’
’PIXL ft Nicole Millar – Crazy *FREE DOWNLOAD*’
’Drake Doing it Wrong (Figgy Remix)’
’Pedestrian & Maribou State – Mask’
’Cadence Collective – sleep aid.mp3′
’One World’
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Cashmere Cat