There are certain elements of a laid-back tune that elevate it to the status of summer music. We’re talking beach music, long-drive music, afternoon beers on the porch music. For chill summer sounds, the key ingredient is the beat, so this week we’re celebrating with plenty of infectious jams to enjoy for when the days are long and the sun is smiling down.

What better way to get things started than with a funked out collection from the latest album Dowhatyoulove by Aussie beatmaker Ta-ku. He may be immersed in the thick of winter in his part of the world right now, but he’s got you covered with a heap of dope mixes with that signature Ta-ku polish and future groove. The whole 18 track album is a must-listen for sure, but we’ve narrowed it down to the 6 that will get your summer right. A heap of other artists are in the mix with similarĀ  sounding fresh hip-hop beats, but as you work your way through the playlist you’ll hit a selection of downtempo trap and electronic flavours as well.

We’ll keep the amount of reading to a minimum though cos the drinks are getting warm. So sit back, hit that play button and do what you love. Peace out.

Chill Dojo #41 zip

’03 Taku – Make You Wanna’
’08 Taku – Color Her Sunshine’
’15 Taku – Static’
’16 Taku – Meet You There’
’17 Taku – Steady Goes’
’18 Taku – Sylvia’
’the booty’
’Demouche – Classy Broads’
’Interference feat. allie’
’Grey Skies (The Long Journey Home EP)’
’Getting Wood (Trippy Turtle x Booty Beaver)’
’Tell Me (free Bandcamp download in description)’
’Lifted – Aztek // Xian’
’KR$CHN – Headbandz’
’AWE – YYY.mp3′
’Silver Sands’
’Electric Joy Ride – More Than This’
’Loose Shus – Loose Coupling’


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