With dojo number 60 we are well into the golden years, but we’re far from retiring anytime soon. This week’s playlist gives us plenty of reasons to keep groovin on, and that’s what we plan on doing for a long time to come.

Now brace yourselves for the insanely sweet funk that is this remix of DCUP’s ‘Don’t be Shy’ by La Felix. Though this rendition wasn’t included on the EP, it may just be our favourite one, and it won’t take long for it to steal your heart as well. The smooth piano melodies and disco flavour sound like something straight out of Breakbot’s playbook, bringing an unescapable charm and a feeling of joy you’ll never want to end. Alas, we do need to move on, but thankfully it’s onto a track that is equally as smooth from one of our favourite artists in Bit Funk. Taking on a hip-hop classic from Pharcyde is no easy task, but the way this set the Hypem charts alight over this past week is testament to how well this was pulled off. This is the version for 2013 which nails the vintage 90’s style to a tee. Another man who oozes old school flair in everything he does is Aeroplane, and his latest remix of Mayer Hawthorne is another treat for disco fiends everywhere. The gifts keep on coming with this bright and sunny take on Goldroom’s ‘Embrace’, which is no doubt the way it is best enjoyed. The original has definitely been getting plenty of remix love lately, but these tropical vibes from UK’s jackLNDN were not to be denied. But for those whose dancing legs aren’t what they used to be, it’s time to tone things down to a more relaxed feeling with this beautiful tune off Maribou State’s recent EP Truths. The sampling and vibes in this song are all on point, making for music that is simply good for the soul. And sometimes simplicity is the best thing when it comes to chill music, especially when dealing with the calibre of London Grammar’s ‘Hey Now’. Phil Drummond stays true to that notion completely with his edit of the original, adding subtle touches ready made for deeper house sets. On a final note, we end the playlist with a tribute to the passing of legend Lou Reed, a man whose musical contributions will never fade.

That’s the magic of this powerful stuff we enjoy writing about so much. Peace out.

Chill Dojo #60 zip

’Dcup – Dont be Shy (La Felix remix)’
’The Pharcyde – Runnin’ (Bit Funk Remix)’
’Mayer Hawthorne – Wine Glass Woman (Aeroplane Remix)’
’Goldroom – Embrace (JackLNDN Remix)’
’Maribou State – Moon Circles’
’London Grammar – Hey Now (Phil Drummond Edit)’
’Stwo – Syrup’
’Sweater Beats – Do It For Me ft. Erin Marshall’
’SkeeLo – I Wish (Xtopher Remix)’
’Emily Underhill – Dreamcatcher (Cross Them Out Remix)’
’Justin Bieber – Hold Tight (Figgy Remix)’
’Le Roi Crocodile – Inside’
’Sizzlebird – Never Be Afraid’
’Sizzlebird – Forgotten World’
’Le Moti – Drippy’
’Moods – Take You There’
’FloFilz – Nomind’
’Amtrac – Walkin’ (Autograf Remix)’
’Pete Oak – Lyra (Original Mix)’
’Neon Chief – Indian Summer’
’Agnes Obel – Fuel To Fire (Xinobi Rework)’
’Rihanna – Diamonds (Sorgloss Bootleg)’
’Freddy Verano feat. The Beatles – Lonely People (Original Mix)’
’Lou Reed – Walk On The Wild Side (John Monkman, Tribute edit)’
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